Guest Speakers

Lynton Allan

Lynton Allan lives with his wife and family in Melbourne,Victoria, Australia.

Lynton has a broad experience of ministry which has included pastoring churches as a Baptist minister, chaplaincy in schools and for the past 30 years  travelling throughout Australia as an artist/storyteller inspiring people of all ages and from all walks of life.

This has involved taking art off the wall and performing live in front of audiences in schools, hospitals, prisons, corporate events, conferences, community groups, festivals, shopping centres and many other diverse places.

With a large art board, coloured pastel and a quick hand, Lynton combines visual art with creative storytelling and music and magic.

All of his art and stories find their inspiration in the unique colours, landscape and people of Australia. Lynton is also the author and illustrator of 3 books, cards and prints which will be available at the conference.

Colin Lituri

Colin Lituri grew up in Bundaberg and attended a church which claimed to be ‘the only true church’. After becoming a High School teacher just outside Gympie, his faith in this group was shaken by a committed and joyful Christian family who spoke only of relationship with Christ. In 1982, after several months of study of God’s Word and prayer asking God to show him what a real relationship with God meant, Colin came to faith in Jesus Christ alone for his salvation. His wife, Sharyn, followed a few months later.

Immediately, their lives were changed and their desire to serve God led, in 1991, to Colin entering Bible College in Adelaide. In 1994, he was then called to be the Senior Pastor of Woodvale Baptist Church in Perth, a position he held for the next 23 years. During that time, the church grew from about 90 to around 500 in weekly fellowship.

In 2017, as he stepped down from this role, The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry invited Colin and Sharyn to be their representatives back in their home state of Qld. They now travel to churches, as well as holding conferences, all over the state and around Australia. From 2020, they will be leading tours to Israel as well as continuing to host Israeli backpackers in their home.

Living ‘the Christ-life’ is a passion of Colin’s ministry. They have three adult children, a daughter and son-in-law and, reportedly, three amazing grandchildren!


Rory was born and raised in Albany, Western Australia. He studied English and Anthropology at UWA.  He is married to Susan and they have four boys.
Rory studied theology at Moore College, and has a PhD in Australian church history. He writes regularly on theology, culture, and ministry, and has published two books, One Forever, and Raised Forever. 

Rory has had experience in a wide variety of ministry. He has served in student ministry, as a Residential College chaplain, youth ministry, publishing, and church-based student work. He has also served with Langham Partnership, running preaching programmes in Thailand and the Solomon Islands.

Rory is a regular speaker at Christian Conventions. His first time speaking at a Keswick Convention was at Belgrave Heights in Melbourne,
Rory serves as the senior pastor of Prov City Church, where he has responsibility for preaching, vision, and the overall direction of the church.

He enjoys running, reading, and going on adventures with his boys.