About Us

The Queensland Tropics Keswick Convention is an interdenominational Christian event that is run by a committee of Christian men and women from evangelical churches around far North Queensland and is a non-profit ministry.  Our Convention operates under All One In Christ Jesus.

The first Convention was held in August 1960, and an historical collection of material is on display each year that traces our history.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Keswick Convention is to provide people of North Queensland with the opportunity to hear well gifted and experienced speakers address the issue of living a holy and victorious Christian life in this present world.

Our History

Keswick Ministries organise the annual Keswick Convention which has been taking place since 1875. It offers something for everyone – life-changing Bible teaching, worship and fellowship, with separate Kids and Youth programmes (ages 3-18), all combined with the chance to relax and enjoy the wonder of the Lake District. 

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The Keswick Convention began in 1875 as a catalyst and focal point for the emerging Higher Life movement in the United Kingdom. It was founded by the Anglican T. D. Harford-Battersby and the Quaker Robert Wilson. The first Keswick Convention had over four hundred in attendance. They met under the banner of "All One in Christ Jesus" which is still the Convention's watchword.

Among the Keswick Convention's early leading lights were Anglicans J. W. Webb-Peploe, Evan Henry Hopkins, William Haslam, W. Hay M. H. Aitken, and Handley Moule, as well as the Baptist Frederick Brotherton Meyer.

Another frequent speaker in the early years was Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland MissionAmy Carmichael heard Taylor speak there and decided to dedicate her life to missionary work.

In 1903 Barclay Buxton and Paget Wilkes founded the Japan Evangelistic Band at the Convention.

John George Govan, who was to go on to found The Faith Mission in Scotland, was influenced by the Convention as well.

It was Stephen Olford who introduced Billy Graham to the Keswick message at a Keswick Convention in 1946 over a period of days of Bible study and prayer in a hotel room. This teaching gave Billy Graham the assurance of God's power in his life, which Billy said in his autobiography, "Just As I Am," came to him as a second blessing, and which has empowered his preaching ever since.

The Keswick Ministries began in the Lakes District, England, in 1875 with a Convention focussing on the Christian life through faithful Biblical teaching.  Soon these Conventions spread worldwide and Australia joined the movement with the Belgrave Heights, Katoomba and Mt Tambourine Conventions.  In Easter 2010 we commemorate Far North Qld's 50 th Convention over the Easter period, with a series of meetings at the Atherton HS Community Hall.  Our first Convention was in 1960 and held on the Atherton Tablelands with Rev Lenard Ravenhill as the only speaker.

Some Christian leaders who have been blessed through Keswick Conventions include Handley Moule, F.B. Meyer, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Stephen Olford and Billy Graham.

The Qld Tropics Keswick Convention is run by a committee made up of Christians from various churches in North Qld who plan each Easter Convention.  The movement is interdenominational and all voluntary.  Individual churches are blessed as their members return from the Easter ministry, and we always seek support from churches on the coast and on the Atherton Tablelands and Townsville.

God has blessed thousands of lives throughout more than 50 years of ministry and we are so thankful that we have a faithful God.  We hope you might be able to come and share in the next convention.

Past Guest Speakers

2018 Charles Price & Neil Bernard

2017 Tim Meyers & Mick Duncan

2016 John North & Neil Bernard

2015 Dr Peter Jensen, Tim Meyers & Kevin Keegan

2014 Dr Peter Law, Andrew Cowell & Lynton Allan

2013 Rob Furlong & Jim Gibson

2012 Peter Law & Matt Hunt

2011 John North & Lincoln Badger

2010 Simon Longden, Steve Griffiths & Lynton Allan

2009 Tim McLaughlin & Malcolm Gill

2008 Lincoln Badger & Eric Russell

2007 John North, Simon Longden & Lynton Allan

2006 Tim McLaughlin & Eddie Free

2005 John North & Ivan Bowden

2004 Allan Demond & Jim Brown

2003 David Birchall, Barry Webb & Lynton Allan

2002 Andrew Otte & Tim McLaughlin

2001 John Farr, M.A. Butler & YWAM

2000 Richard Green, Andrew Otte & Lynton Allan

1999 David Birchall, Dale Stephenson & Lynton Allan

1998 Jim Gibson, David Mansfield & Peter Shurley

1997 John Bond & Richard Green

1996 Ray Overend & Stan Nickerson

1995 James Haire & John Farr

1994 Stuart Robinson & John Tanner

1993 Stanley Toussaint & Harold Wyatt

1992 Deane Woods & Michael Maeliau

1991 Donald McKay & Des Morris

1990 Jim Erkkila & Ean Kernick

1989 Graeme Smith & Frank McInnes

1988 Alistair Cairns & Stewart Dinnen

1987 Bill Thichener & David Swincer

1986 Kel Willis & Alwyn Newendorf

1985 Colin Jones & Robert Callaghan